Interview Circle of Caïna (Pittsburgh, PA/USA)

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Our 6 questions this time are for Circle of Caïna (Pittsburgh, PA/USA)

Hey guys. Thanks for doing this!

1) Could you introduce yourself to the people out there who haven’t got a clue who you are?

We are Circle of Caina from Pittsburgh, PA. Playing our own style of metal and hardcore.

2) Who/what do you consider yourself to be your examples? I’m assuming you mean influences?

Our individual influences all differ, but you can always be sure we’re listening to things like all out war, obituary, death, crowbar, pantera, sepultura, morbid angel, exodus, havok, warbringer, no reason to live, martyr ad, buried alive, turmoil, 100 demons, etc. Too many to name. As far as idealogical, our beliefs waver on that as well, but the band’s focus is the dark part of humanity that exists in us all, whether we chose to hide it or not. The darkness of our existence is is abominable and intriguing at the same time to us. We take the darkness and misery we each experience in our day to day lives and put it into this music.

3) How long have you been active? Did the line-up change over time? How did the Band started to take form?
This has been over a year in progress. Chris picked up his guitar again after playing bass with firm for years and just started writing. Jake’s style and approach to the music is a perfect match to Chris’ style and they just compliment each other so well. Jon is a phenomenal metal drummer, and that’s really his sweet spot, so delving into more of a metal territory was like going home for him. He ties everything all together. Travis came in after the writing process for the most part, but has been able to put his ideas to life during the recording process and made a lot of parts come to life with his backing vocals.

4) Can we expect a live show/tour anywhere soon? Any Releases Upcoming?

We just released ‘Turn The Soil’ and are shopping labels to put out physical copies. We have two shows scheduled. One here in Pittsburgh in April and one in Cleveland in August.

5) Got anything to say to the world?

Do what makes you happy. Be creative. Push boundaries. Don’t conform into a person that limits your true potential.

6) If you could change anything about the world right now, what would it be?

The world is never going to be perfect. Mankind is a disease. We will continue to destroy the world as long as we’re here. People will never get along with each other. We all just try to find our happiness while we’re here.

Facebook : http:/facebook.com/circleofcaina
Bandcamp : http:/circleofcaina.bandcamp.com

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