Our interviews consist of 6 basic questions.
Nothing more, nothing less. I’m not an interviewer, I’m just passionate about music.

Our 6 questions this time are for Inherence (São Paulo/Brazil)

1) Could you introduce yourself to the people out there who haven’t got a clue who you are?

We are Inherence from SP/BR. The name of the band states the relation between music and the urge for change in personal, social and political aspects, that are factors considered to be inherent to us. We make music because we deliver a constructive message to the people.

2) Who/what do you consider yourself to be your examples? (Musically and/or ideological)

Our main influences are the bands: Slayer, Thy art is murder, Cannibal Corpse, Death and Hatebreed. These are our common preferences

3) How long have you been active? Did the line-up change over time? How did the Band started to take form?

It all started with the bond between Joao Limeira (drums) and Marcelo Liam (guitarist) to create a new non foolish perspective in the Metal/HC scene. Marcelo brought Thiago Queiroz (vocals) and some compositions were made before finally Rafael Caludinho (bass guitar) was invited by Thiago. They then, composed their debut album im 2016 and are on the run since.

4) Can we expect a live show/tour anywhere soon? Any Releases Upcoming?

For sure! We already have plans for our first euro tour in 2019 and on march 3rd this year we release our “Dogma Tour” wich is the release of our first album here in Brazil.

5) Got anything to say to the world?

We shall give others a voice so we can be heard as well! After all, humans have 2 ears and one mouth only, it can’t be a meire coincidence

6) If you could change anything about the world right now, what would it be?

We would blow this world up and start a new one! Hahahahaha

Hardcore Gateway thanks you for your time and wishes Inherence the best with their upcoming projects !!!


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