Review – BREAK THROUGH ‘Visits From Lilith’ CD

There’s that word again: “heavy.” Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth’s gravitational pull?

Let me start off by saying this;  Break Through, the latest addition to prolific UKHC label Mark My Words Records, from Australia are more than just heavy. They’re apocalyptically heavy and downright vicious. On their latest compilation CD ‘Visits From Lilith’, fans are treated to what’s essentially proto-deathcore in the vein of Disembodied and Lifeless-era Eighteen Visions.
Tying together previously released EP ‘The Seventh Circle Of Hell’ and the eponymous two track single, the six tracks on show offer an insight into what kind of beast Break Through have been since their 2015 beginnings and what they threaten to transcend towards becoming in 2019. Highlight ‘Angel With Devil Wings’ brings tar pit riffing and mid tempo batterings that would not be out of place on previously mentioned Disembodied’s final album ‘Heretic’, without sounding like empty worship or drenched in triteness.
Older tracks like, ‘Cold Nights Red Stars’ and ‘Loathing’ are whiplash inducing cuts, sure to ignite pandemonium in many a dive bar venue as much as a festival tent. Whilst their metallic-heavy hardcore is a tried and tested blueprint and has been done countless times before them, this compilations charm lies in the level of skill and sincerity behind the bands musicianship. Sometimes it’s not about innovation so much as it’s about being true to your craft, to that end Break Through are one of the most promising bands on the international circuit right now. Malicious, harrowing and at times poignant, here’s to the new breed of aural antipathy.

For fans of: Disembodied, early-Eighteen Visions, Deadguy

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