SOOOO Lets do this… Coldstare a band thats getting really close to me.. Been following them since day 1.. Coldstare is a band that been working hard for years in and out had some struggles but got right back into it, not just because of help or anything just because they have the right mentality like everyone should. Also was honored to pre-stream ‘COLDSTARE’ . Now on to this release titled ‘Bounce Back’ really mirroring their path of where they been and where they heading to. With ‘Bounce Back’ theyve opened a whole new path for COLDSTARE with WTF Records , looking at this release completely, really neat Digipak like you expect it from WTF Rec. looking at their previous releases (Well done TIM ! ).

This album is pure old-school Hardcore pissed-off nononse hardcore with a little punk vibe init ! They used same studios as last release ‘talk is cheap’. Sound is perfect for me on this release aswell. Good Choice ! !

Our Favorite tracks (COLDSTARE/MONEY GRAB/ BOUNCE BACK) that doesn’t mean we don’t like the rest of the album! Real funky guitars too on each track. With Coldstare they put the stakes high for the Antwerp Hardcore Scene !

A HUGE SHOUTOUT SPECIALLY TO PHILIPPE.. You know when you got brother when you got him !
They perfectly fit in the line of bands like MADBALL / SICK OF IT ALL / IGNITE … Sooo Bookers get in touch with them.. they give u a unforgettable show !!!





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