Companion is a five-piece heavyweight hardcore band based out of Vienna, Austria. Since their establishment in 2012 the band has constantly moved on and developed their skills. Companion stands out through powerful guitars, groovy drums, and rich bass and brutal vocals.
Which this time is not different. Since their last release ‘For The Underdogs’ they have been working on their sound quality, what I’ve heard on the new album ‘Unbroken’ Vocals/Guitars & the complete sound, sounding much better than the previous release.

Positive Hardcore with a big touch of Aggression in this whole release, from the first 10 seconds I was sold. Such an solid Album track-by-track, no empty spaces where u get bored on this release been good thinking while making this album, Unbroken is a solid complete release, props for the studio/mastering/recording on this album. Companion Teamed together with Ten Fifty Four Records to release this beast of an album, album of the year contender 2017 on Hardcore Gateway.

Let us bring Companion to a higher level than they were before, because not only I think so, but also for the work, they have been putting in their band for the past years. Get ready for some sick mosh pits & singalongs at their shows!


Ill defently will buy the album in preorder; don’t want to miss the kickoff of the album. And believe me this won’t be the last time you hear from this album. Made big move with this one!

Preorder Link :

Make sure you order your album in time; they could fly out faster if this album breaks out on the 2nd of June!


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