Review Forward To Eden – Ready To Kill For The Cult

ARTIST: Forward To Eden
ALBUM: Ready To Kill For The Cult
LABEL: Bound By Modern Age / Mark My Words Records
STYLE: Vegan Metalcore
FORMAT REVIEWED: Retail digipak  

I had the pleasure of meeting Tim Rule, the mastermind behind (among others) Forward To Eden, back in 2018 when we did Jitsfest. Kind enough to drive all the way from Germany (and back again) just to perform out of charity for us over here in lil’ ol’ Belgium. Not being familiar with his music before Jitsfest, I checked out his work and was pretty damn glad I did. Forward To Eden boasts an inverted cross in the logo, so I was hoping for some blackened influences. And yep, I wasn’t disappointed. Tim Rule has always been forward about his passion about veganism, and he takes this concept with Forward To Eden to new heights. The latest album ‘Ready To Kill For The Cult’ is angry blackend metalcore and Tim Rule has a few things to say about his way of life in a particular non-subtle way. As the opener (and also the titletrack of the album) growls its message: “No longer will I tolerate the suffering, as long as it’s not yours / I will bring forth what you try to hide, unveil your stupid lies / Will hunt you down, so we can switch sides with the hunter and the innocent life” you know you’re dealing with a passionate man. And let that just happen to be the perfect recipe for a damn fine album. For me personally, this is the finest Forward To Eden to date. A mature sound, lyrics that matter and with a top notch production quality.   The vegan jihad returned.   Rating: 4,5/5 Favorite track: Inheritance  


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