Small Interview With DEATH FARM RECORDS !

Our interviews consist some questions.
And this time for the Label the questions go to Death Farm Records From Belgium.

1) Could you introduce the label to the people who haven’t heard of it yet?
DEATH FARM RECORDS. DIY hard music label from Belgium. Our main focus is limited quality releases, limited licensed merch & apparel.

2) What drove you to start a label, whats the history or idea behind this label, specific target or medium ?

DFR is born from the ashes of RNRVT. For a few years we released great stuffs as cassettes and vinyls with RNRVT until we came to an end. I kinda wanted to go on with RNRVT alone but it didnt happen. So here i am two years later starting something on my own (with the help or my good friend Hervé for the visual side). What i want with DFR is to only release music that i really like, help friends, release limited merch and goodies of bands i really and so on …

3) How do groups get a deal with your label, or doesnt it comply to the label?

They can contact DFR through the facebook or the instagram … i am open to everything but i dont want to release tons of bands and i will only give a shot to stuffs i really really like.

4) What are some bands we really should check out, for now or in the future?

You really have to check No Reason to Live if you havent yet. Their latest album «Only Death Is Certain » was the strongest release of 2016. Also, keep the name MAKHAIRA in mind !

5) Maybe some sneak preview to releases that are coming up, even projects ?

So far we have another music release in the work and that should be available this summer ! We also received the confirmation for licensed merch for one of the hardest band ever. Everything will be revealed in due time !

6) Witch Platform fo social media you are most connected trough? Any contact or email they can reach you to?

I would say Instagram since facebook itself is cutting the reaches alot if you dont pay for it. I think that Instagram is the strongest social network right now. Everyone can contact DFR through IG or the FB pages.

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