Circle Of Caïna – Turn The Soil


Lyrics :

I’ve come to terms with the reality that I’ve been living a lie, wanting to die every day.
With every second life is passing me by.
I see it in my eyes through the reflection that I cast.
It’s staring back at me with disgust and contempt.
It’s staring back at me with bane and resentment.
Longing to return…
My stone – No legacy cast
No hope. No dreams left to grasp.
Turn the soil.
Bury this mistake within the lies of the future that you would tell if I forged on ahead.
My head down always.
I won’t remember this.
Lower me down. Throw the dirt on my face. Don’t fucking mourn me.
Put this burden to rest.
Reunite me with the earth.
Turn the soil and put me to rest.
released February 28, 2018

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