Ah. STILL ILL. For those of you not in the know, STILL ILL are a 5 member outfit from Aachen (Germany) that just released their 3rd effort; an Ep entitled ‘Paradise’. I’ll be honest here, I was a bit biased because they were kind enough to lend a song for our first compilation: ‘Among Thieves’, a song from their second album ‘Building The Beast’. I was asked to review the new one that dropped through Demons Run Amok Entertainment on September 6th and for fucks sake, I was glad they did.

The new STILL ILL ripped my speakers a new one. Take some classic hardcore from the ’90s (think H8000-scene, think Morning Again) but mix that with some very clear Slayer influences, and you have yourself a recipe for an album that’s going to plow through your ears like a convict would go through poon on his first day out. Even though it’s pretty short (clocking in just over 12 minutes with a total of 5 tracks), I can say but one thing; get this album. It’ll be one of the better things you’ll hear this year. (4.5 – 5): Essential metalhead material. Unfortunately they call it a quit i hope they come back some day (fingers crossed). But we got some golden material to listen to for the meantime.

Favorite tracks: Fuck it, all of ’em!

Thanks Markus at first place & rest of STILL ILL for making such music, will still be playing the albums in 20 years from now !

Go see them now when you still have a chance YOU wont regret !


Send them some last support and go buy their album Among Thieves / Paradise now !!


https://stillillhc.bandcamp.com/album/stuff-2013 (2013)

https://stillillhc.bandcamp.com/album/building-the-beast (2015)

https://stillillhc.bandcamp.com/album/paradise (2017)





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