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November 6, 2018

Coldstare – Crooked Ways

Live footage taken at WTF Fest II Vlaardingen (NL), by Arjan Wilmsen (With a Nikon D500) Live footage taken at Café Bluff (NL) and Café De Meister (NL) by Bjørn Jeurissen Recordings, mixing and mastering by: CCR Studio & Kris Belaen LINKS ... Read More »

November 06, 2018 0

October 1, 2018

Coldstare – Coldstare

Introduction : COLDSTARE (Belgium) distills an authentic blend of hardcore with strong notes of New York hardcore and raw hints of East Coast/Clevostyle. COLDSTARE’s melting pot of punk, hardcore, hip hop and metal influences take you on a hardcore joy ... Read More »

October 01, 2018 0