March 14, 2017


Biography :   Played over 400 shows in 17 different countries since mid 2008. Toured with Stick To Your Guns, Liferuiner, Close Your Eyes, Texas In July, Gideon, Heart In Hand, The Eyes Of A Traitor, Dead Harts and Here Lies A ... Read More »

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March 12, 2017

Only Attitude Counts

Biography: Only Attitude Counts – The History, the Message This band started out in 1993 with the intention to spread their music and message worldwide all over the planet. Through their hard working ethic and their never-ending determination O.A.C. gained more ... Read More »

March 12, 2017 0

March 4, 2017


Biography: Companion is a five-piece hardcore band based out of Vienna, Austria. Since their establishment in 2012 the band has constantly moved on and developed their skills. Companion stands out through powerful guitars, groovy drums, a rich bass and brutal vocals. At shows the band delivers ... Read More »

March 04, 2017 0