“Bad Sign” is the third video off of Brick By Brick’s February, 2019 release, Hive Mentality.  Directed and produced by Kim Cangemi (Hive Mentality, Bar Is Open), Bad Sign opens with a less than sanitary delivery of Chinese Food.  From there, it is quite apparent when the Chinese Delivery person gives the “Sign”, telling the boys in Brick By Brick to “Have a nice day” that something evil shall come their way. 

All seems good until each member reads their fortune.  Ignoring the “bad signs”, each member nearly escapes death by what appears to be a possessed black truck.  The members of Brick By Brick have no moral conscious to sacrifice the innocent to save themselves from death.  The death toll adds up quick as a hippie, a little girl, an old lady and a cute and innocent puppy are all sacrificed for the betterment and selfishness of Brick By Brick.  It is not until the end of the video that it is revealed that hardcore legendary guitarist for the band Agnostic Front, Vinny Stigma, is the lunatic behind the wheel.

Guitarist and Brick By Brick ringleader summarizes the concept behind the video, “Everyone has a streak of shit luck. Especially when you’re working class. This was a fun spin on how we seem to “dodge the bullet” to survive only to get it in the end. It’s a classic good vs evil. On so many levels. It’s hard to decipher sometimes which one things are. Have some fun. Live life. I hope this puts a smile on your face for the holidays.

Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Jason Bourdeau Mastered by Alan Douches Video Directed by Kim Cangemi

While online, check out the other music videos from BRICK BY BRICK’s title “Hive Mentality” which features a guest appearance from none other than Orange is the New Black star and Alekhine’s Gun vocalist Jessica Pimentel, ( and the smash single, Bar Is Open, featuring notorious front man and party animal, Tony Foresta of Municipal Waste and Iron Reagan (

Hive Mentality is available now via and available digitally through all major digital service providers.

Born out of Troy, NY’s infamous hardcore scene, BRICK BY BRICK have relentlessly cultivated their reputation as a staple force of hybrid hardcore metal. Solidifying and reviving their sound in recent years with the addition of Ray Mazzola on vocals, the band’s perspective is fresh with formidable intent.

Raising a massive middle finger to the establishment, the band’s new album, Hive Mentality, is a battle cry to all that is wrong with the world, yet signifying that all is right with heavy music convergence. Epitomizing the tone of the title track “Hive Mentality”, track guest Jessica Pimentel (Alekhine’s Gun vocalist, Orange is the New Black actress) seethes “Get the fuck out of the way or get trampled,” with a ranting rage. Based upon true events, track five, entitled “Bar Is Open”, sums up BRICK BY BRICK flawlessly in their declaration of, “We live to drink/We love to fight/We bring the party/Rage through the night.” That statement is further emphasized by none other than guest vocalist Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste, Iron Reagan). The Acacia Strain’sVincent Bennet further exudes the savagery of Hive Mentality with his vocal spot on “In The Ruins”, before the album reaches its apex with a blistering rendition of Motörhead’s “Iron Fist”, a sonically heated kick like a belt of Jack that Lemmy himself would have savored and tipped his hat to.

Produced by Jason Bourdeau, Hive Mentality was recorded at Overit Media in Albany NY, with mastering by legendary Alan Douches of West West Side Music.

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