UK metal mavericks ‘Exemption’ are back and stronger than ever with a new video for their song ‘Eyes of the Snake’!

Chugcore Exclusive Premiere!

Artist: Exemption Song: Eye of the Snake Album: Selfless EP Released: December 8, 2018

Genre: Metallic Hardcore

Location: Huddersfield, UK — Exemption

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ExemptionUK/

Bandcamp: https://exemptionuk.bandcamp.com/

LYRICS: Stood still, waiting, in the dark. No direction. I’m lost. Convince myself this is living. It becomes clear when you want it to be, let go. Time will pass, while I’m trapped in the hourglass. Sinking, drown in the sand, insecurities of a idle mind, It’s out of my hands. Eyes of the snake, Can’t rely on my mind to make the move. Sight narrowing, edges turn to black, all I see is the end. Stood still, waiting, convince myself this is living, no direction in the dark. Eyes of the snake.

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