Wide Shut – Absynth

Wide Shut    6

Lyrics :

Father of a starving offspring Father of a disgusting anger The seasons pass but your hell reign doesn’t fucking care about it. Submits to the dark and take care of your bloody jail It’s like your mask falls into oblivion when your face feels the darkness. Can you hear it ?

This is the tone of the third angel , Out of the divine light of hypocrisy, these words full of false benignity, Please lord, shut your fucking hole Swallow your vomit and leave us alone That’s it, you have no problems, everyone has one but you don’t. You’re the perfection, a perfect demigod.

Thy judgments are right, even one against all. He said “Drink my words, son for I am reason “ but All your false god airs has almost made me blind. River of crap, bitterness to a climax. Now drowning yourself in the Absinth motherfucker Burn tyrant and believe in you.

This is the tone of the third angel Drink my words, son for I am reason Drink my words or I will slowly kill your mother. Oh, you, beloved Father. Guide us to Limbo, for one will dump you there. Your fucking kingdom will soon collapse cause we finally have faith in something new.

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