XEmergency BroadcastX- NOT SO FAST

xEmegency Broadcastx    27

Here is the second music video of the album MANIPULATION.

Thank you those who got crazy with us. Also a big thank you to Ilgar and Oytun who did an amazing job with both video clips of the album and also STUDIO DODO who did host us.

Lyrics: Before we go They want war Can’t explain It just comes here boy bloodthirsty gentlemens ties are bleeding they will destroy and everything will rebuild rearmament for this moment the birth of the berserker they’ll be suprised to see our gift we’ll end up this fucking shit . Not so fast Resist in chaos Not so fast we have powerful soul Not so fast they are here now Not so fast Goverment’s fault . Its really strong Its really strong cant imagine It just comes here boy Final battle to much loss its the reality not the remorse . Not so fast Die for nothing Not so fast Who has won this Not so fast Blood in the face Not so fast Grieved mothers

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